Objectives Objectives

Main objective: Involve and engage in long-term significantly more citizens and new communities in the volunteer and private (campus-wide or enterprise) Distributed Computing Infrastructures by supporting the rapid creation, efficient operation, and dynamic expansion of this type of DCIs for e-Science. Coordinate and synchronise the dissemination and support activities of major European stakeholders of volunteer and Desktop Grids with focus on the International Desktop Grid Federation.

  1. Significantly increase the number of citizens, companies and other organisations that donate computing time to science through Desktop Grids.
  2. Strengthen the collaboration of Desktop Grid operators and other DCI operators with regard to producing material, portals and procedures to get/keep citizens involved. Exchanging experience, reusing each other's successes, and set up coordinated European or worldwide campaigns to inform and attract citizen volunteers.
  3. Maintain the support infrastructure established and/or operated by IDGF
    • Portal and collaboration environment
    • Certification services
    • Certified services directory (including certified - validated - application repository)
    • Infrastructure related support tools (helpdesks, monitors) and methods (competency matrix, expert groups)
    • Key infrastructure elements; application repositories, bridges
  4. Promote Desktop Grids usage inside scientific organisations with special focus on university Desktop Grids. Goal is to increase the usage, knowledge and acceptance of Desktop Grid technology in universities and research institutes.
  5. Track technology changes/evolution and adopt them in the technical support and dissemination mechanisms as well:
    • green aspects,
    • clouds for QoS in Desktop Grids, etc.